Janet Tassell

Dr. Janet Tassell

Janet Tassell

After time in the classroom teaching mathematics, Janet spent 14 years as Director of Learning and Assessment working with K-12 teachers in curriculum and professional development.  During this time, she learned the importance of teachers needing rigorous materials aligned to the standards.  She is now an Assistant Professor at Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she teaches Elementary Math Methods and directs the Elementary Mathematics Specialist Endorsement program.  She has been the co-director of the Toyota Math and Technology Leadership Academy and the professional development coordinator for the Javits grant Project GEMS (Gifted Education for Math and Science) initiative for grades 3-6 students.  She and her husband, Brad, published a book connecting reading and mathematics fluency: Speaking of Math — Fluency Poems for Partners: Addition.  She recently led a team of 14 authors to design and author six books for 1st-6th grade students to delve deeper into the Common Core Mathematics Standards.

Email:  janet.tassell@create-excellence.com


Research Interests:

  • Gifted and Talented Education Identification and Curriculum
  • Effects of Standardized Testing on Mathematics Education
  • Standards-Based Reporting vs. Traditional Letter Grades
  • Problem Solving in Mathematics K-6
  • Motivation in Mathematics
  • Gender Beliefs in Mathematics
  • Children’s Literature for Mathematics



  • Gifted and Talented Identification and Program Building
  • Problem Solving Program Building K-6
  • National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) – how to use release problems to enhance mathematics instruction
  • Math-Out-of-the-Box


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