Create Framework

The Create Framework 

The Create Excellence Framework was developed by Dr. Marge Maxwell, Dr. Janet Tassell, and Dr. Beckie Stobaugh. It was originally based upon work by Moersch (1995) and redesigned by the researchers in 2009. The Framework represents five levels of performance for each component: Cognitive Complexity, Real-World Learning, Technology Integration, and Engagement.

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Dr. Rebecca “Beckie” Stobaugh      Associate Professor – School of Teacher Education,                            Western Kentucky University                            Gary Ransdell Hall 1015    


Janet Tassell

                  Dr. Janet L. Tassell                          Associate Professor-School of Teacher Education,                             Western Kentucky University                     Gary Ransdell Hall 1104

Marge Maxwell

   Dr. Margaret “Marge” G. Maxwell                Professor – School of Teacher Education,                                  Western Kentucky University                       Gary Ransdell Hall 1017  




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